Supporting Tigers

The Magnetic Hill Zoo is home to our Amur tiger named Alik. He is an ambassador species which raises awareness for the plight of tigers around the world. 

Tiger Species

Tiger Species

Did you know there are 9 species of tigers; 6 of which are still living and 3 that are already extinct? Three of the living species are endangered (including the Amur tiger) and the other three are critically endangered.


The two main reasons why tiger populations have dropped significantly are poaching and deforestation. 



1. Support organizations which work to stop the incidence of poaching. The Magnetic Hill Zoo supports Panthera, the worldwide big cat conservation organization. You can make a donation directly via their website or drop a few coins in the donation bin located at the tiger exhibit.

2. Use less paper products in your home. The less paper you use, fewer trees have to be cut down. This will preserve the habitat of many animals in our area but also tigers on the other side of the world. 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 
•    Always write on both sides of a piece of paper
•    Stop subscribing to paper newspapers and magazines
•    Do your banking online
•    Set your printer to always print on both sides of the paper
•    Use cloth napkins at the dinner table
•    Use old t-shirts as rags to clean up spills
•    Choose to buy paper products with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo.

3. Buy food items and personal care products that contain palm oil made by companies that harvest it in a sustainable way. By shopping wisely, you can reduce the incidence of tiger habitats being destroyed to make way for planting new palm oil trees.